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"For Such a time as this" is how to describe the mindset that put C.Dot on his rising road to success.

Born in Lockport, NY to Karen Elias, C.Dot spent most of his summers in NYC on Jefferson Ave., where he got his first taste of the rap life, at age 12. Ever since, he's been running full force. "The Game's an award and my hunger is serious" is what he's been known to say.

At age 16, he started to get a glimpse of his ability while in the 64 Mc Free-Style Battle, in which he placed 3rd out of 64 contenders between the ages of 16-25. Also around this time, he was looked at by a LA based company, but after thoroughly reading the contract, he realized there had to be more. Forced to be a man and grow up at a young age, he took to the streets to feed his family. C.Dot spent 7 years of his adolescence, incarcerated. He had time to reflect on his prior lifestyle and was brought to a new life through his music. What's special about C.Dot is that he has a strong spiritual foundation. He attributes his soulful roots to his father Calvin Elias, who befriended those of the likes of Shirley Caesar.

His father was a singer and choir director who instilled in him a passion for music at an early age. Although C.Dot lived a life in the streets, his deep gospel roots combined with wisdom and streets smarts allows him to create real music that touches the soul.

"Being in the streets forced me to become a real dude, face real issues, and make real sacrifices. So, the only thing I know how to do is make real music, anything else just wouldn't be real. That's why so many people hated and doubted me along the way, because a lot of these people were out here talking about what they were doing and I was out here living it. My pops always told me 'don't speak about it be about it' That's why I am in the position that I am now. I kept my mouth shut and let my actions do the talking."

C.Dot first made his mark by making mix tapes, dropping rhymes over hot-hip hop instrumentals, showing off his verbal lyricism and street tales over whatever style of beat was thrown at him. A lyrical boot camp is how he describes it. He says: "You have all these different styles of beats and you gotta come with one flow after the other making sure you have a different delivery and at the same time give the people something they can feel. Someone once said " C.Dot has the key to the city because he is the only one I know that can make people come to their house 16 deep with guns, bats, and knives ready to fight over mere words."

In 1999 C.Dot opened up for Memphis Bleak of Roca Fella Records at club Pharaoh in Niagara Falls, NY. Since then, he's played in various clubs throughout Buffalo, Niagara Falls and his hometown Lockport, NY. As well as, performing at the annual Black Experience festival in Niagara Falls and a talent show in Tuscaloosa AL. C.Dot has since won a radio hip-hop contest on Wild 101, and has two songs played on 93.7 WBLK " All I need and Champaign Wishes, performed with T-Rock and Quiet Boy of Music Mafia. He has also opened up for the Magic Man show on 93.7 WBLK. He most recently won the 8 o'clock Beat off on jamz an internet radio station, where his song Hustlin beat out 50 cent, Ciara, Nelly, Gip, & Ali just to name a few. Making his song number 1 on their charts. C.Dot has been on the go lately in such cities as Cleveland OH, Kalamazoo MI, Chicago IL, and Buffalo NY.

C.Dot signed a 6 year contract with Chi-Sound Records on 12/15/06. The company is run by the Legendary Carl Davis who has worked with the Chi-Lites, Jackie Wilson and Curtis Mayfield. C.Dot's album "The Calm Before the Storm" was released in 2007.

All this success has given C.Dot a vision. He wants to help the youth of all races to show them that dreams do come true and no matter what path life has taken you down, you can turn your life around and accomplish your dreams. Part of his mission is to give the world positive music with a real message.

"The Calm Before the Storm" is not an album you'll want to pass up.


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